About the Director

Christopher Winters became the Director of the Office of Professional Regulation in 2005 after serving for ten years as board counsel to the Nursing Board, Real Estate Commission, and several other professions. He started with the Office of the Secretary of State as licensing board counsel in 1997, under then Secretary of State Jim Milne, and gladly continued his service under secretaries Markowitz and Condos when they were elected.

Chris is regularly inspired by the selfless professionals and public members who give up so much of their time to improve professional practice and to make Vermont a better place. He is dedicated to making this small corner of government as efficient, open, and accessible as possible while accomplishing its public protection mission.

Chris was born and raised in Williamstown, Vermont and attended colleges in Boston, Las Vegas, and San Diego before returning home to raise a family. Vermont has always been his home and he is passionate about giving back to the state that gave him so much opportunity. He lives in Berlin with his wife Sarah; and his favorite pastimes include running, coaching little league baseball, and spending time with his four children.

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