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The Corporations Division databases allow users to search and create reports on businesses using any number of variables.

Business Entity Searches

  • Search by “Business Name”
  • Search by “Principal Name”
  • Search by “Location”
  • Search by “Registered Agent”

Please note that our business search capability supports the following search types:

  • Starts with (default)
  • Exact match (Will only look for exactly what is entered. No partial results.)
  • Contains (keyword or phrase search)

Search Businesses


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Searches

  • Search by standard UCC (IACA rules)
  • Search by non-standard UCC (exact, contains, and starts with)
  • Search by “Name,” “Financing Statement Number,” and “Organization Name”
  • Obtain uncertified debtor reports
  • Obtain certified debtor reports (login required)

Our UCC search logic follows the IACA standard search logic.

Search UCCs


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