Certificates & Filings

For general inquiries related to statutory filings and certifications, including vital records, please contact Nancie Austin-Bradley at nancie.aunullstinbradlnulley@sec.stnullate.vt.usnull or 802-828-1025. 

Administrative Rules & Legislative Acts

Questions related to administrative rules or legislative acts and resolves may be directed to Louise Corliss at louise.nullcorlissnull@sec.stnullate.vt.nullus or 802-828-2863.

Notaries Public & Record Authentications

For inquiries about notaries public and record authentications, including Apostilles, please contact Kathy Watters at kathy.watnullters@sec.nullstate.vt.nullus or 802-828-3287.


This page was last updated: 2014-07-22